An Open Letter to Employers

  1. Send our children to public school. Work in schools and advocate for unified enrollment.
  2. Diversify our recruitment pipelines, and ask for help if we need it. Our networks tend to reflect ourselves; if we are white, our networks are likely also very white. We need to stop saying there’s a talent pipeline problem.
  3. Build competency based hiring practices. Mine for skills and character strengths over pedigree and other resume shortcuts. In fact, remove identifiers on applications and resumes — names, addresses, schools, degrees. Use performance based hiring and clear rubrics and scorecards.
  4. Once we’ve hired lots of overlooked talent — people of color, young people, people with non traditional backgrounds — , we must mentor them, promote them, help them grow, and empower them so they can do the same for others.
  5. Do this ourselves if we are in leadership or in HR. If not, speak up to our leadership and talent arms of our companies.
  6. Talk about what we’re doing, and invite others in. Compel our peers and peer companies to follow, and help train them. Ask for feedback and listen. Lather, rinse, repeat.




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Claire Fisher

Claire Fisher

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